131K Ohioans get permit to carry concealed guns

131K Ohioans get permit to carry concealed guns

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - More than 131,000 residents were issued licenses last year to carry concealed weapons Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said Thursday.

That's 77,281 new ones and 54,064 renewals.

The total amount of permits issued in 2017 was down 34 percent compared to the record number of 158,000 in 2016, according to Dayton Daily News. Last year's numbers were also below the five-year average.

Permit holders can bring their weapons to bars and restaurants, day care centers and college campuses where guns are allowed.

Ohio law requires permit holders to complete eight hours of training.

State lawmakers are considering several other measures to expand gun rights in Ohio. It come as they are under pressure to act to prevent more mass shootings after 17 students and teachers were killed at one in a Parkland, Florida high school.

Gov. John Kasich formed a group to look into how Ohio may need to change its laws. On Thursday, he announced their six-part proposal to combat gun violence.

One Ohio sheriff, Richard Jones from Butler County, went on a dizzying array of national talk shows when he offered free firearm training classes for teachers to get their concealed carry licenses and received an instantaneous overwhelming response.

Demand was so high, he cut off sign-ups at 300 and trained the first 140 this week. The sheriff also opened the class up to other school personnel, such as nurses and therapists.

Another 50 school employees are signed up to take the class next weekend.

Instructors who complete the training won't be able to start taking their guns into classrooms however. So far, none of Butler County's school boards have indicated they will permit it, though Jones is urging residents who support it to speak out at school board meetings.

About 240 school districts in the country allow some staff to carry weapons, after extensive training, according to the sheriff.

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