Fight caught on camera at northern Ky. school; grandmother may pull student out

GALLATIN COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - The grandmother of a girl involved in an area school brawl is talking about pulling her out of school completely unless she sees some serious changes.

Meanwhile, the young lady herself has been dealing with neck pains since the fight.

It's hard to believe that it all started with rumored words between teenagers, but that's just what the grandmother of the child being beaten up says happened, after one girl allegedly warned another to stop talking about her.

"She pretty much told her, 'You better not do it again,' and Alyssa said, 'OK,' and the girl thought she had an attitude with her so she attacked her," said Renee Gibson.

She and her husband say they learned something had happened when they received a call home from the principal saying Alyssa had acted in self-defense. But after seeing the video they were shocked -- not just because of the fight but the lack of intervention by anyone.

"Just walk by and pretend like nothing's even happening," said Renee Gibson. "The kids are desensitized to human life and they don't care."

One boy did, coming in and pulling one girl off the other.

FOX19 NOW reached out to the Gallatin County Schools to see what is being done about the fight and haven't received a callback, but Renee Gibson said the girl who attacked her granddaughter has been suspended and is now facing a criminal charge.

"Originally I was told that the school doesn't press charges unless there are weapons involved -- and after I told them that this girl used her fists and she used the bleachers, her head was pounded on the bleachers," said Renee Gibson.

The grandmother is still concerned she's not seeing enough change to stop this type of behavior from happening in the future.

"She didn't want to go to school today, she doesn't want to go back," the grandmother said. "I think we're going to pull her out and either home school her or have her put on home bound."

Renee Gibson said this all happened before the first bell had even sounded for the day and she's growing impatient waiting for change. She says she's seen meetings about bullying but hasn't seen an action plan go into place.

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