Crews responding to to hundreds of Cincinnati pothole repair requests

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Crews are working to fill potholes in the Cincinnati area, and it's the time of year drivers see plenty of them around.

But by the time a driver sees one, it may be too late.

"The worst is in the early mornings and late at night when people are coming home. You can't see the vacancy in the road in the evening or early in the morning when people are on travel patterns to and from work and that's when we see the most of it," said Marc Duebber, owner of Duebber's Automotive Service.

Duebber says this is the time of year when he sees an uptick in pothole damage to vehicles coming into the shop. He says winter road treatments along with rain plays a big role in creating the potholes.

"They salt the roads and then that has an effect on the blacktop to where it cracks and when that water is laying on the road consistently. What it does is get underneath the broken piece of the roadway and it just washes it out," said Duebber.

According to the city's website, work crews have completed nearly 2400 pothole repair requests in the past six months. The city does have a process if you want to file a damage claim -- click here for more information.

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