VIDEO: 'Pepsi guy' thwarts armed robber in 'Scream' mask

Lynda Zeefe
Lynda Zeefe

NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) - A newly-surfaced video is shedding light on an October 2017 robbery that took place at the Northside Family Dollar on Colerain Avenue.

Lynda Zeefe, 50, was sentenced to nine years for attempted robbery in January.

Zeefe went to the Northside Family Dollar on Colerain Avenue on Oct. 25, 2017. Her arrest report indicates she was armed with a loaded .357 revolver at the time. Surveillance video shows Zeefe walking in the door wearing a Halloween mask and a white cover over her body as she goes to the register and directs the cashiers to empty the drawer.

As Zeefe is at the counter, a Pepsi delivery driver in the store is on the phone with police dispatchers asking for help. The 50-year-old robber quickly collects $181 and starts out the front door of the store, followed close behind by the delivery man.?

In a newly released 911 call, the driver can be heard struggling with the woman as she threatens to shoot him just outside the store.

  • Dispatcher: Are you having trouble with him, do you have him…
  • Caller: Yes, I'm struggling with him right now.
  • Dispatcher: You're struggling with him, Okay.
  • Caller: I'm struggling with him right now, I've got him down.

At the time the driver was unaware the masked robber was a female. As the police dispatcher stayed on the line asking questions the man worked to gain control of the situation.

  • Dispatcher: Are you, are you armed at all.
  • Caller: No.
  • Dispatcher: OK.
  • Caller: I'm the Pepsi guy.

Zeefe was found guilty on one count of aggravated robbery and one count of weapons under disability.

She has been placed at the Ohio Women's Reformatory for the next nine years. Her release date isn't until 2026.

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