Norwood man's dog found dead, police unsure exactly what happened

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - A Norwood man wants answers after his dog died suddenly while his family was out at dinner. He believes someone shot his dog Tuesday night while it was outside.

Dan Galligan and his family are heartbroken after losing their best friend Riley. The 10-year-old Husky/Aussie mix was tied in Galligan's backyard Tuesday night. It's part of a routine they've been doing for years.

"He likes to be out in this weather. We went to dinner came back found him when we got back," said Galligan.

When he got closer to Riley that's when he knew something was wrong.

"I just saw my dog laying in the back. He didn't move so I just called the police cause there was a small amount of blood so I was concerned," Galligan said.

Galligan found a round hole in Riley's back. He believes his dog was shot and killed. However, Norwood police are holding off on saying how the dog died until the investigation is complete.

"We don't want to spread fear if it's not needed, so we don't know what happened to this dog right now. For people out there in Norwood just understand we have one animal that was found deceased. There's no reason to think there's any kind of group out there trying to hurt animals," said Lt. Ron Murphy.

Some neighbors are on the fence about letting their dogs out until they get more answers about what happened to Riley.

"It's a little scary. We have two dogs of our own, so if we leave and they're outside I obviously want them to be okay," said Emily Schlake, Galligan's neighbor.

Galligan says there isn't a lot of passersby on Poplar street where the incident happened. He also says that his dog has never been considered a nuisance to his neighbors.

The SPCA picked up the dog Tuesday night. They are currently doing a necropsy to learn more.

Norwood police say if they find this to be a criminal act they will find the person responsible. This would be considered a felony offense.

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