Colerain residents say pit bull is 'terrorizing' neighborhood

COLERAIN, OH (FOX19) - Several Colerain residents say they feel like prisoners in their homes because a dog is terrorizing their neighborhood.

Two residents who live on Monette Court say the dog has bitten them. The street was quiet when FOX19 NOW's crew passed through on Thursday night. However, on any given day residents say they see the pit bull running through the neighborhood and they say it's an aggressive dog.

"It just runs around terrorizing the neighborhood. It keeps people from getting in their houses. It actually bit my husband's leg," said Kim Thompson, who lives next to the dog owner.

She says the dog cornered her child as well.

"It's so scary my son. He has little toys that he rides out front, motorbikes, and things and he got stuck down there in a circle and the dog went right for him," she said.

Another neighbor who didn't want to be identified tells FOX19 NOW the police were called to his home a few weeks ago after the dog bit him.

"He's standing there at the end of my driveway. I say get out of here, get out of here and he comes up to me like he's going to bite me and I back up then he nipped me on the back of my leg," said the resident.

Luckily he wasn't hurt but he fears it will get worse if the issue isn't addressed.

"I'm glad my grandkids wasn't there because if he would have grabbed one of them, what would have happened? I don't know," he said.

FOX19 NOW contacted the owners of the dog, but they did not to do an interview. The SPCA says they haven't been able to make contact with the family either. The spokesperson said Humane Officers have been sent out to the street three times but were unable to write a citation because the dog was already gone.

Residents are being told by Colerain police to take pictures of the dog whenever it is loose and to continue to report it.

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