Local Soldier Could Return A Felon

A Cincinnati security company will be happy to re-hire an Afghanistan war veteran convicted of abusing a prisoner of war . . . if they can. Army Private Willie Brand's civilian boss with Brantley Security in Cincinnati, flew to Texas this month to help in his employee's defense. Brand, a West Hills High School graduate, was found guilty last week after a court-martial. The sentence for assaulting and maiming a 22 year old Afghan who eventually died was not jail time, but instead a demotion. Bill Schwartz knows if the felony conviction isn't overturned Brantley Security company policy may put Brand out of a job. Schwartz tells FOX 19, "He did his job. He is still a hero because he followed orders. We as a company and a community should stand behind him when he returns home." Private Brand, a member of the Cincinnati based 377th Military Police Company, will likely return home Fort Bragg, Texas in the next two to four weeks. His sentence is being appealed.