FC Cincinnati's GM gets warm welcome Friday in Newport, Ky.

FC Cincinnati's GM gets warm welcome Friday in Newport, Ky.

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - FC Cincinnati president and general manager Jeff Berding continued his whirlwind tour of proposed soccer stadium sites this week. On Friday, there was a very warm welcome for him at the Brighton Center in Newport, Ky.

Berding has met some resistance from neighbors while visiting the West End, but that was not the case in Northern Kentucky.

Officials say they are excited to offer up a 30-acre site with new road construction on Third Street to the south, and what would be an incredible view of the Cincinnati skyline to the north.

Out of the three areas under consideration (Newport, West End, Oakley), Berding says the Ovation site in Newport is the one that needs the least amount of work.

"People have said, 'Well you haven't seemed to spend a whole lot of time in Newport,' and my answer is because Newport, Northern Kentucky did all of their homework on the front end," Berding said. "They already have a site. They've already cleared the site. They're already doing all the roads and infrastructure on the site. So literally, I haven't had to do a whole lot of engagement because of the foresight and the leadership that people here in Northern Kentucky have long had."

So when will MLS decide whether FC Cincinnati gets a 2020 expansion bid? Berding says it will come by end of the month. Cincinnati is competing with Sacramento and Detroit for the bid.

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