Simply Money: Costco emergency food kits

Simply Money: Costco emergency food kits

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Costco's the latest retailer to offer supplies of emergency food—just in case natural disaster or another emergency strikes.

Costco just rolled out new options in emergency food, ranging from a $999 single-person food supply for a year, up to $6,000 for enough food to feed four people for 12 months.

Among the offerings: Instant pasta and freeze dried veggies and fruit, and rice and wheat with a shelf life of 30 years.

Costco says it'll ship your food supply discreetly, at least as discreetly as possible, given that the $6000 food supply means 600 cans of food, in 100 boxes stacked on your porch.

Amazon, meanwhile, offers a single-person, 30 day food supply that fits in a single bucket for about $95, pouches of emergency drinking water, and backpacks that come loaded with everything your family might need for 72 hours.

So are these emergency supplies something you need to buy? Well, FEMA recommends families have a two week stash of food and water. But, before you buy a pricey kit, do a little shopping in your pantry.

You may already have canned goods, dry mixes and staples on hand that'll work. Just make sure to check the expiration dates.

LINKS: Government's suggestions for building emergency supplies and guidance on food.

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