Unkempt cemetery turning heads in Blanchester

BLANCHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Blanchester residents are furious about conditions at a nearby cemetery.

Anyone walking by the International Order of Odd Fellows cemetery on Main Street can see overturned tombstones and some tombstones covered in dirt.

Kay Stenersen said she and her husband Jerry have been walking through the cemetery a few times a week for the past couple decades. She said her sister is buried there. Jerry said it is where his parents will be buried.

One day Kay Stenersen said her foot got stuck in a hole, and she found an exposed metal vault.

"The fact that people pay to be buried here and someone is not maintaining it, everyone wants to pass the buck. No one wants to take responsibility or accountability," said Kay Stenersen.

Kenneth Green, who volunteers at the cemetery, blames the weather for its condition. Green said it's normal for vaults to become uncovered during colder months.

"When you're digging a hole in the winter time when the ground is frozen you're going to have voids once it thaws, things are going to fall in and unfortunately weather permitting you cant always get out there as soon as it happens," Green said.

FOX19 NOW reached out to the owner of the property but has not heard back.

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