Father shares his approach to gun violence: Teach kids about guns, what guns can do

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - A Hamilton father says he has the solution to ending gun violence: Teaching kids to shoot.

He posted several pictures of his 13-year-old son handling a variety of different guns on Facebook with a message that said, in part, "If your kid protested today instead of staying home, you are a failure as a parent." The post and pictures have sparked some heated discussion on social media.

While the picture of the teen was unsettling to some, Phillip Ayers said it's an image parents should get used. He says gun education is an important lesson students aren't being taught.

"Teach our kids about guns, get them on gun ranges. Get them behind firearms, teach them what a bullet can do to a target," said Ayers.

As students marched out of their classrooms in the Tri-State on Wednesday for the National Walkout, Ayers said he felt the need to send a message of his own with his Facebook post.

His son, who is a student at Garfield Middle School, was against the walkout.

"He said he would have rather of quit school than to march a death line," said Ayers.

The school held a vigil inside instead of the walkout.

Ayers says his son has been shooting guns since he was five, which has helped remove the stigma of guns, something he says many other kids are lacking.

"They don't know nothing but fear. All they know is fear," he said.

That fear is real for Tegan Recker, after seeing more and more school shootings across the country. She helped organize a walkout at West Clermont High School hoping to make schools safer.

"I think the adults need to start listening to students voices because we're angry. We want change to happen and this is a more radical way of getting their attention," said Recker.

She saw the pictures of the 13-year-old student handling the guns on Facebook. She says learning how to handle a firearm is not the change she wants to see.

"I don't think guns are the solution. Like more guns is not the solution to a gun problem," said Recker.

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