Low flying plane caused concern at Badin High School

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - There was a lot of concern at Badin High School Thursday when officials said a low flying single engine plane circled the building repeatedly.

A Hamilton police spokesman said the school, located on New London Road, was never evacuated, and no students were in danger.

Badin High School Principal Brian Pendergest confirmed the suspected pilot who flew over the school was a 2017 graduate, but would not confirm a name.

He said with the airport so close to the school it's not uncommon to see planes flying around.

"But this one was flying lower than typical from the area and so we had teachers express some concerns - because they kept flying over the neighborhood and around our building," Pendergest said.

He said he called the Butler County Airport and asked them to radio the pilot to tell him to back off, which he did, so there was no need to evacuate the building.

Authorities responded to the Butler County Regional Airport and focused on a fixed wing single-engine plane parked on the runway.

"The police officer stayed here and interviewed a few of our students that new the student, or the person, pilot. The pilot was a graduate of Badin High School from last year and so he talked to a few of the students that know him," Pendergest said.

"We are currently gathering information on the initial report of the incident and once we are confident we have full information we will respond to inquiries," Sgt. Brian Robinson wrote in a statement.

The school has an emergency plan in place for bombs and fires, but the principal said this particular kind of threat is unique.

"To be honest with you we don't have one for a plane to be quite honest with you. I don't know that any school has one from that standpoint," Pendergest said.

He said at no time did the school receive a direct threat from the pilot.

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