Man facing sexual imposition charges accused of exposing, touching self near victim at courthouse

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati police recently arrested a man on a gross sexual imposition charge. When he was brought to the jailhouse to face the charges, an alleged victim said he laid it all out.

"He got up and sat between me and another female," the victim said. "At that time he elbowed me. And when I looked over he had exposed himself and was pleasuring himself in front of me."

The victim said this went on for about two minutes. She ran to the bathroom trying to escape but says the suspect, Dasheil Garrison, followed her.

"He said, 'Where is she at?' I heard him and he came to the bathroom door and was trying to open it. I was trying to hold it shut," she said. "He was trying to pull it open. The officer grabbed him and took him to another area."

Garrison was again arrested and has a court date later this month.

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