Teen recounts being struck by stray bullet: 'All of a sudden my knee got shot'


EAST END (FOX19) - The teen who was shot inside his East End home this week is standing upright and walking around three days after the shooting.

Connor Mullis, 13, was born with cerebral palsy and recently moved to Cincinnati to be with his father. Mullis was sitting on the couch Tuesday watching TV when a 9mm bullet came barreling through the wall, striking him in the knee.

"All of a sudden my knee got shot," he said.

His father is stunned by what happened. Had his son been lying down, he might have died, he said.

Edwin Harris was trying to sell a loaded gun when it went off at a nearby apartment complex on Strader Avenue, court documents say. Harris has been charged with assault, having weapons under disability, drug possession, and drug abuse.

"We went from coming home, watching movies, him playing on his XBOX, walking the dog, a normal lifestyle to living out of a hotel just within an hour," said the teen's father, who asked to remain anonymous.

The Masonic Lodge on Campus Lane has set up a GoFundMe page and is accepting donations on location to help pay for medical bills and a new place to live.

"It's been great to have all these people around me, supporting me," said Mullis.

His father said Mullis doesn't want to go back, not even to get his stuff.

"The Masonic Lodge has gone above and beyond," said the father.

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