Falling for Fiona: Texas hippo writes latest love letter

Falling for Fiona: Texas hippo writes latest love letter

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati's darling, diva Fiona isn't just the apple of the Greater Cincinnati Area's eye, but for her would-be suitor in San Antonio.

She may be just a year old, but the famous phenom is already taking the dating world by storm.

Timothy, a hippo living at the San Antonio Zoo, wrote Fiona a love letter of sorts in early March.

In the letter, Timothy admitted to checking out Fiona on social media saying he thinks she's "the most beautiful hippopotamus I have ever seen.'

Flattery will get you everywhere, Timothy.

Don't fret Fiona fans. The Cincinnati Zoo isn't going to let the young beauty enter into a relationship without setting some ground rules first saying in part, "She'll be with her mom for a while, so you have time to consider if you are willing to put up with her fame."

Famous Fiona responds to Texas hippo's love letter: 'Are you okay with paparazzi?'

Timothy, however, will not be so easily discouraged, according to his latest post on the San Antonio Zoo's Facebook page.

The Texan reached out once again Thursday, this time showing off his skills in the water, hoping to catch Fiona's eye.

Timothy began this time by complimenting Bibi, Fiona's mother by saying "now I know where you get your great looks!" Oh Timothy, you charmer!

In response to the Cincinnati Zoo's question as to whether Timothy would move for love, the heart-eyed hippo said "FYI I'd wallow through miles of mud to see you!" Swoon!

In his latest letter, Timothy told Fiona tales of his Texas home, including the Spurs and head coach Gregg Popovich.

Showing off his romantic, pop-culture prowess, Timothy dropped some Bachelor knowledge on Fiona. The hungry hippo wanted to know if Fiona liked roses saying "I bet they are delicious!"

Only time will tell if this courtship is a match made in hippo heaven.

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