Rescuers: Neglected puppy dumped in rural Kentucky now on road to recovery

GRANT COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - A young puppy that rescuers believe was neglected, thrown from a car, and abandoned in Grant County, Ky. is getting a second shot at success.

The puppy, named Artie, is currently living with a foster family in Colerain Township. Artie's foster mother said the little guy moves with a pep in his step and has a spunky spirit. However, rescuers said his attitude is deceiving because his medical condition and the neglect he endured is clearly visible to the eye.

"Don't think I'll ever be able to understand how someone can do that to anything living," said Cherri Hansford, the Intake/Transport Coordinator with Tails of Hope rescue.

At only four to five months old, Artie is still young, but his first taste of life has been bleak.

"Just no excuse for an animal to be in that condition," said Connie Wander, the Foster Coordinator for Tails of Hope rescue. "He doesn't know what grass is. He still won't go in the grass. He's learning to eat from dog bowls. He was afraid of the dog bowls."

A woman feeding feral cats spotted a skittish and scared Artie in a rural part of Grant County. Rescuers said he was in rough medical shape thanks to weeks of neglect and was inside a crate when he was thrown from a vehicle and abandoned.

"Would like to say I'm shocked, but sadly this happens daily," Hansford said.

The good Samaritan took Artie to the Grant County Animal Shelter. He is now with Tails of Hope rescue.

"He has Demodex Mange -- it's a non-contagious mange," Wander said. "He also has a skin infection from the mange. His eyes are infected."

The good news is that his condition is controllable and treatable.

"It will be a slow process, but you won't even recognize him in another month or two," Hansford said.

For now, Artie's enjoying the finer things for the first time.

"He's very smart, very intelligent. He's picking up on house-training really well. He's just a good boy," Wander said.

As Artie wags his tail, his foster family hopes their tale might deter someone else from dumping their dog.

"What goes around comes around, and it's just not right," Wander said. "There are so many other options. There are shelters. There are vet's offices. There are rescues."

Rescuers encourage anyone who is struggling to care for their dog or thinking of abandoning their dog to reach out to local organizations for help, whether it be a vet's office, a rescue organization, a shelter or the county dog warden.

Tails of Hope rescue is collecting donations to help pay for the cost of Artie's ongoing medical care. To donate, visit the rescue's website or Facebook page. They are also looking for people who are willing to foster pets like Artie because they are a foster-based rescue and do not have a facility. You can contact them for more information.

FOX19 NOW has been told criminal charges are unlikely in this case due to limited leads.

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