Max, former dog 'mayor' of Indiana town, gets fire department escort to be put down

Max, former dog 'mayor' of Indiana town, gets fire department escort to be put down
Provided by Max's owners
Provided by Max's owners

BRIGHT, IN (FOX19) - A dog that was once deemed the Mayor of Bright, Indiana had a special escort on Saturday, the day he passed away.

To help out the Bright Fire Department, the community developed a contest several years ago through the local Integrity Masonic Lodge, in conjunction with the fire department. Anyone who wanted to partake in the contest could spend $1 to vote for entered pets to be named the Mayor of Bright. Bright is unincorporated and does not have an official mayor.

The money raised went towards the fire department.

The fundraiser no longer exists now, but a lot of people in the community got a chance to meet Max the dog, who won the fundraiser and was accordingly named mayor in 2014 and 2015.

Unfortunately, Max recently fell ill. His owners ran into firefighter Dave Nash and let him know that Max, the former mayor, was going to have to be euthanized.

Max was a massive Newfoundland breed, so his owners were unsure about how they were going to transport the dog to the vet on his final day.

Nash went to Bright Fire Chief Jason Eckoff to ask if they could help since Max and his family had helped the fire department. The chief said yes.

On Saturday morning around 10, two squads, a fire truck and a full fire crew went to Max's house to pick him up.

About four to six people helped lift Max into an ambulance, and he was then transported to the vet where he passed away peacefully.

Chief Eckoff said they got a few funny looks, but Max's owners were in disbelief and touched by what the crews did. The chief said it's a misconception that firefighters only respond to emergency calls because they also respond to calls for help, and in this case, this was neighbors helping neighbors.

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