Singing Principal harmonizes to Billy Joel in school canceling song

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - The common saying is 'April showers bring May flowers' but Wednesday's weather appears to have April confused with March.

The Tri-State area experienced showers of their own; snow showers that is.

March snow showers bring Wednesday school closures. It doesn't rhyme but it was still the case for schools all across the Greater Cincinnati Area, including Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Ky.

That meant the return of Singing Principal Chad Caddell.

After trying his hand, or voice, at the musical acts like Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, the BeeGees, and Garth Brooks, he found his melody with Billy Joel.

Caddell belted out Joel's hit 'Piano Man,' this time from the parent's perspective according to Union Pointe's Facebook page.

Caddell added lines like 'It's 5 a.m. on a Wednesday, why can't he just stick to a call' and 'it's that principal who thinks he's hilarious but we're just not feeling it at all.'

Though parents may be tired of snow days, Caddell's students may be hoping for more renditions in the future.

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