Mother of Hamilton man missing for more than 7 years has renewed hope

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The mother of a Hamilton man missing for more than seven years said she has a renewed sense of hope in the case after discovering new information.

According to Debbie Estes, her son's disappearance is a cold case, but an active one. Estes' son William DiSilvestro, or "Billy D," was last seen Feb. 7, 2011, walking out of an apartment on Ross Avenue in Hamilton. He was 28 years old at the time.

"All I know is he left there between the hours of (midnight) and 6 in the morning, and he left his cellphone," Estes said.

Estes said her son's disappearance has consumed her life and has led to her living in the past.

"I just want him home, and then maybe I can start my life because I'm stuck. I'm stuck until he's home," Estes said. "I put on a happy face. I can do that, but really, I'm dying inside."

From posters to pictures on benches and a post office box she opened for anonymous mail, Estes is desperate for answers.
"I've done everything that I can. I just need somebody to get right with themselves and tell me really what happened to my son," Estes said.
Estes said both she and Butler County Sheriff's Office investigators have hit dead ends, but that tide might be turning. Estes told FOX19 NOW that she has received new information about her son's case: names of people who could have critical information. It's a potential lead she said she has since handed over to law enforcement.
"It gives me a lot of hope. I mean I'm hoping something does come out of this because I'm ready for this nightmare to be over," Estes said. 
Estes also said that authorities searched a local property, including a pond, a few months back. She herself is still searching by following up on tips that have taken her to abandoned houses and wooded areas as recently as February.
"Just not knowing where or what's happened to your kid, it's the worst," Estes said.
Foul play is a possibility in the case. DiSilvestro's face is currently featured on an "unsolved homicides" poster. To Estes though, those details don't matter.
"I'll find him," Estes said. "One way or another, I'll find him."

Around the time DiSilvestro disappeared, Estes said he was struggling with alcohol and sobriety. He also suffered from seizures that require medication. If you have any information on the case, call the Butler County Sheriff's Office at 513-785-5962 or call your local police department. You can also send anonymous tips via mail to P.O Box 13173, "Bring Billy Home," Hamilton, OH.

There is a $5,000 reward for information.

Estes said she is planning a bike run in honor of her son. More details will be released in the coming months.

Estes also runs a Facebook page that keeps the public updated on her son's case and also allows Estes to help with other cases involving missing people. You can see the page here.

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