Technology transforming the way we shop for groceries

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Several grocery stores are changing the way we shop. In the near future, cashiers may be traded out with smartphones.

Lugging a shopping cart through the store, aisle after aisle is a task some customers are deciding to opt out of. Instead, many are turning to ClickList.

"Over the course of the day, we'll have over 400 of these totes to go through," said Thad Tuschong, the ClickList Supervisor at the Newport Kroger Marketplace.

He demonstrated how the service works:

  • The customer goes online or uses an App to place an order.
  • An employee picks up the order then takes a trolley around the store to grab what is needed.
  • Most orders are placed three days in advance.
  • Orders picked up the same day need at least four hours to process.

Jenny Sand has been using the service for a year now and loves that she can get her grocery shopping done without leaving her car.

"Literally I can have 10 things on my list or 50 and it was always an hour in the store and when I'm busy on the weekends an hour means a lot to me for either time to do something with my kids or do something else as opposed to being in the store," said Sand.

Not all shoppers we spoke to are ready to ditch their carts.

"I'm kind of picky. I would like to know what my meat is looking like and my veggies and fruit rather than it just being brought to my car," said Kamilah Reed-Conner.

ClickList isn't the only new technology shoppers may have to get used to. This past week Kroger stores started delivering groceries, and soon the stores will start using Scan, Bag and Go similar to Amazon stores.

As cashiers are dealing with customers less, some may be worried that they will soon be out of a job. However, the Corporate Affairs Manager, Erin Rolfes, says that isn't going to happen.

"As we are transforming our front and with customers being able to scan and check out as they please we are focusing on moving some of our cashiers into different roles but again helping the customer in new and different ways," said Rolfes.

Sand, a mother of three, says she will happily try out whatever makes her life easier.

"I think in this technology world, it's with anything you got to adjust to it. Figure out how it can best serve you because it's not going to change you might as well embrace it," she said.

Kroger hasn't announced when Scan Bag and Go will be coming to Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati stores. Rolfes said the changes are bringing more jobs. Last year the company announced that Kroger plans to hire 10,000 people.

The ClickList service is free for the first three purchases then it costs $4.95 per pickup. The home delivery service costs $11.95.

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