Training offered at West Chester gun range designed to help survive tragedies

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) – - A training class now offered in West Chester is designed to teach people how to help themselves and others survive horrific tragedies.

The class is put on by 88 Tactical of Ohio at the Premier Shooting and Training Center in West Chester. The training center typically offers firearms classes and martial arts activities and now also offers "critical casualty care classes."

Phil Chaney, the owner of 88 Tactical of Ohio, said the casualty classes are not about preventing disasters but are focused on reacting to them.

"Pro-gun, anti-gun, it doesn't matter," Chaney said.

Students in the course experience real-life crisis scenarios and are given options on what they can do in those situations to help themselves and others.

Chaney said the class fills the gap between military combat techniques and typical first aid training and teaches people how to be the first person to respond before actual first responders.

"(First responders are) working as hard as they can. The fire guys are working as hard as they can to get there, but unfortunately, those first critical minutes are just too late. It's no fault of their own," Chaney said.

Whether it's caused by a vehicle accident, a school shooting, or even an animal bite, leaders of the course said that losing a large amount of blood can lead to losing life in only seconds.

"The Boston bombing, you know what would have helped is people having the knowledge and the tools to actually help those people survive the incident," Chaney said.

Chaney said a big focus of the course is not only on mindset and dressing a wound but on trainees practicing with tourniquets.
"A severed leg, an artery bleed, if you have the tools and the training, you can help that person stay alive," Chaney said.
Videos and images from actual events are used in the demonstrations. Instructors said it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, you could find yourself or someone else in a situation where you're fighting to stay alive.
"These tools that we give you -- we give you the proper equipment, the proper training, where you could actually save a life," Chaney said.

The courses are divided into two parts: level one and level two.  There are classes scheduled for Saturday, March 24 and Saturday, April 14. Level one is from 9 a.m. to noon. Level two is from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Each class costs $50. Right now, with school shootings on the forefront of many people's minds, teachers can receive a ten percent discount. To learn more about the class or to register, visit the training center's website.

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