School district adding security measures following shootings across the country

CLEVES, OH (FOX19) - The Three Rivers Local School district is in the process of adding an extra layer of security following the Maryland and Florida school shootings.

The district currently has one full-time school resource officer (SRO) and is considering hiring a second full-time SRO.

Superintendent Craig Hockenberry said they're testing out the option by having a second SRO on duty every other day on campus. The district also plans to audit their current safety procedures with retired officers and safety specialists to be reviewed by the school board.

"I'll review that with the board and see what direction they want to go. They could choose a different route or we could choose to add a second SRO model," said Hockenberry.

Parents like Beth Reupert are happy the district is being proactive after watching school shootings unfold across the country.

"You should never be afraid to send your kids to school. It should be the safest place that they can go," said Reupert, a mother of two.

She said she's not afraid to send her kids to Taylor Elementary in the Three Rivers district.

"It's very secure here and I know teachers and staff as well as the SRO are on top of all kind of safety measures," said Reupert.                                                                                                                                                                                

The entire district from pre-K through 12th grade is in the same building, holding around 2,300 students. Hockenberry said most districts that size have two school resource officers.

"The school shootings are unpredictable. They're complex and we never know when they're going to happen and that's why we react the way we do," said Hockenberry.

FOX19 NOW will update the story after the school board has a safety audit and decides on new security plans.

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