FC Cincinnati Stadium: Where are we now?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Since January 2017, FC Cincinnati has been searching for a stadium site.

The Queen City's soccer club applied to be one of the Major League Soccer teams added in an expansion.

As time ticked by, MLS narrowed down the options. Cincinnati became one of three cities on a list of potential expansion franchises -- for two spots in the top soccer league in the United States.

To sweeten the chances, FCC leaders revealed a plan just before last summer: build a 250-million dollar stadium made up of 25,000 seats.

In the months since that June 2017 reveal, the plans changed to a 21,000-seat, privately funded stadium priced at $200 million.

Still, the location for the proposed stadium is unknown.

Three sites were originally on the table -- the West End, Newport and Oakley.

But in recent weeks, FCC eliminated the West End as an option because the club and Cincinnati Public Schools could not come to an agreement.

Newport Mayor Jerry Peluso said in mid-March that FCC had not contacted the city, but the land is private, so the club could have connected with the developer.

Club President Jeff Berding has said the team is making progress in Northern Kentucky.

"They already have a site," Berding said on March 9. "They've already cleared the site. They're already doing all the roads and infrastructure on the site. So literally, I haven't had to do a whole lot of engagement because of the foresight and the leadership that people here in Northern Kentucky have long had."

Over in Oakley, talks continue with town halls and scheduled meetings.

Berding says a stadium site should be selected by this coming weekend. Meanwhile, a decision from MLS was expected in December of last year, but the day came and went.

Now, our news partners at The Enquirer report that FCC is not expecting an announcement before its home opener April 7.

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