Sacred Heart continues century-long spaghetti dinner tradition

CAMP WASHINGTON, OH (FOX19) - There were plenty of people stirring around Sacred Heart Church on Palm Sunday for its annual spaghetti dinner.

"My dad worked downtown for years," Stella Adams said. "He used to get tickets for meals here so we just continue that on because the meatballs are great."

Half of the experience is the atmosphere for the tradition that has been running longer than anyone in attendance has been alive. If you want a laugh, just ask the volunteers how long the Italian Dinner has been around.

"Since Moby Dick was a minnow," Ron Panioto joked. "I've been here 32 years. I don't know how long."

Another volunteer said he has been attending the annual dinner since 1971.

Really, the tradition has been going on for the last 107 years -- a feat worth raising a glass too -- or in this case, raising a fork to.

"It's a lot of work, but it's fun," Tony Daniele said. "People have a blast down here. They're all sore when they get done but what the heck, you know, you take a couple days rest after that and you're OK."

There's no rest for the marinara sauce that has no quit and the volunteers that are trying to raise money to help the church.

"It is their fundraiser, it is the thing that helps this church stay alive and for the community, so without it, it would be not good for them," Daniele said.

Good news for the church is the lines wrapped around the corner for the 220,000 pounds of ravioli and the 23,000 meatballs coming out of the kitchen.

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