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Local Canine Unit Helps In Katrina's Aftermath

An experienced local canine unit has headed south, prepared to go wherever needed in the wake of hurricane katrina.

For more than 15 years, mike owens has trained dogs to find people.

Owens says, "We've handled some local water recoveries and local finds in the Cincinnati [area] all the way up to the Dayton area, we also participated in the World Trade Center Disaster."

There his dogs located seven bodies.

As Hurricane Katrina threatens lives in New Orleans, Owens says he and his dogs will be needed there.

Four year old german shepherds, Frye and Duke are ready to go, they've been trained for this kind of work since they were born.

"We start them right out of the litter with their obedience training, then about 6 months we start their search training," says Owens. Training which includes playing fetch with a stick containing human hair.

From lost hikers, to alzheimer's patients, to young children who've wandered off, Frye and Duke have located dozens of people. Not all were found alive, but Owens knows his dogs make a difference.

This K-9 unit, all manpower..and dog-power is volunteer.  Owens tells us his crew is always ready to go when needed.

Owens' K-9 unit is run on donations.  If you would like to help, you can make a donation at any First Financial Bank Location; or, call (513) 893-0340.

Owens k-9 unit is run on donations.

If you would to help

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