Greenhills police narrow in on person of interest in permanent marker vandalism case

GREENHILLS, OH (FOX19) - A man with a marker is accused of vandalizing cars in the village of Greenhills, and police believe they are zeroing in on the culprit.

Police said the man used a permanent marker to draw a line on either the front or back of at least four vehicles within the past few weeks.

"It's the strangest vandalism I've seen," said Doug Koller, one of the victims.

In one of the instances, the man was caught on camera. Neighbors and police said they were shocked when they saw it was an adult committing the crime because many of them suspected juveniles may have been responsible.

"It's like -- who would do something like that?" Koller said.

The incidents, police reports show, happened on Illona Drive and Ingram Road in Greenhills. Koller said it was a little funny at first, but to him and the others impacted, at the end of the day, it is vehicle vandalism.

"Anytime it comes to somebody's vehicle, that's significant value to somebody that they worked hard for, it is frustrating," said Sgt. Tim Lukes with Greenhills Police.

Police put out a neighborhood alert asking for help identifying the vandal in the video.

"You know, it could get worse," Koller said. "Next time, he could use a screwdriver across somebody's car."

As of Monday, police said they have narrowed in on a person of interest.
"We've got it down to where think we have a suspect we can possibly talk to," Lukes said.
Justice, in this case, may not mean jail time, but investigators and neighbors alike said they do want to know what motivated the man to make the marks.
"We have to put a stop to it. We have to find out why and what we can do to change it," Koller said.

Police said it is possible there are more victims who haven't come forward or reported it yet. They do expect charges will be filed in this case.

Koller said he and other neighbors are thankful police have taken the situation seriously.

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