Investigation ongoing into Roebling bridge crash

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While the Roebling Suspension Bridge remains closed to all traffic, the investigation into what happened remains open.

On Tuesday, Tari Watkins walked into the Covington Police Department to speak with officers about the car involved in the crash. Watkins says the car's title is in his brother's name but the vehicle actually belongs to him.

On the night of the crash, he says, his wife let another man behind the wheel.

"She most likely lied to me, telling me that it was in the impound, but it wasn't in the impound," Watkins said. "She still had my car and I left at that point … when she lied to me and said it was in the impound … because I was looking for my car."

Covington police said Tuesday the investigation is still ongoing and no arrests have been made.

The Suspension Bridge has been closed since the evening of March 20, when the driver of a southbound vehicle lost control, and it crashed into the pillar, a Covington police report shows. The driver ran off, leaving two passengers behind, including a pregnant woman, police said. Police found the pregnant woman semi-conscious and lying on the sidewalk when they arrived. The other passenger, a man, told police he pulled the woman, who is pregnant with his child, from the front seat of the car.

Watkins says he reached out to police to help clear his brother's name of any wrong-doing. Watkins says his brother doesn't have anything to do with the crash at all.

"The person that's got something to do with it is my wife," he said.

FOX19 NOW is not naming the people Watkins said were in the vehicle because no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named.

Roebling Suspension Bridge remains closed to all traffic and may remain closed through June, according to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

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