Good Friday: Thousands pray the steps as part of 158-year-old tradition

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's a family tradition that dates back 158 years at The Holy Cross-Immaculata Parish atop Mount Adams. People have been "praying the steps" since midnight Friday morning.

Several thousand are expected to climb the steps by the end of Good Friday.

Visitors are invited to take their time on each step. It is meant to be a very personal experience and prayers are said in silence.

You can say a prayer on each step, pray a Hail Mary, thank Jesus for his sacrifice, read the Bible or reflect on the events of Good Friday. There are three phases of steps, the third and final being the most popular, which consists of 100 steps.

However, many people start down on Riverside Drive and climb all the way to the top. Once you reach the top, priests are available for confessions.

Street parking can be limited in Mount Adams. Another option is to park Downtown and take Metro bus 1 from Government Square to Mt. Adams. Once you arrive, expect lines to start the climb.

The final phase of steps takes approximately 45 minutes to climb.

The praying of the steps is not just for Catholics, people from all religions are welcome to take part in the devotion.

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