Woman gives birth to baby in car on way to hospital

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - This Good Friday a Camp Dennison family is blessed with a baby girl, but she came a little earlier than expected.

Her mother gave birth to her on the side of the road while they were driving to the hospital.

FOX19 NOW visited the couple while the mother was recovering at Anderson Mercy Hospital. She said the man up above was with them in the car when she went into labor and she is just thankful that everything went well.

Baby Ember Ray Stone's first cries were heard on the 911 call made Friday morning shortly after 6:00.

Tiffany Stone's water broke an hour before the baby made her entrance into the world.

Patrick and Tiffany were enroute to the hospital when they quickly realized they weren't going to make it. They pulled over into a parking lot on OH 28 and Cook Road.

"He probably went pale as a ghost because he didn't believe me when I was like, 'OK, the baby's coming out now,' and he's like, 'oh no, oh no what do you do now,,'" said Tiffany.

The couple's two other children were also in the back seat.

As Tiffany worked through the labor pains she said she also had to be careful not to scare her two other small children.

"I kept assuring them that everything was fine. I knew it was not fine. I knew that baby was coming," she said. 

While feeling the pain and panic, she knew what she had to do. She focused and pushed out Ember.

Thanks to articles she read, she quickly jumped into action to make sure the baby was breathing.

"I actually sucked her nose out with my mouth which sounds really... I wanted to make sure she was breathing and her airways were clear," said Tiffany.

It all happened before Patrick had time to stop their car.

"When the baby came I actually looked over and almost wrecked because of it. I couldn't believe the baby was here. I kept telling him," said Patrick.

He wrapped Ember in his shirt to keep her warm and they waited on the side of the road for medics to come.

He was given a junior badge by officers. However, he said his wife is the one who deserves the real award.

"Her motherly instincts kicked in and she handled it like a champion," said Patrick.

The family said it's one of the best days of their lives.

Ember is a healthy 6.5 pounds. Her parents said they look forward to telling her the story of how she came into this world when she's a bit older.

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