SPCA investigating after dead dogs discovered at Mt. Airy Forest dump site

Photo of deceased dogs (Provided by Mike Sampson)
Photo of deceased dogs (Provided by Mike Sampson)

MT. AIRY, OH (FOX19) - UPDATE: April 3, 2018: SPCA officials have tracked down the owners of two dead dogs discovered at a dump site in the Mt. Airy Forest.

SPCA released the following statement:

"Today we learned that the 2 adult family dogs found in a creek at the 2300 block of West Fork Road in Mt. Airy were humanely euthanized as a result of a persistent dog fight, between the two of them. By recommendation of a veterinarian, the owner decided to have them put down. A family friend was then called to have the dogs buried, however the person in question made the unfortunate decision to drop them in the creek. Charges against this individual are pending and have yet to be determined at this time."

As for the third dog body, officials say it appears to be a completely unrelated case.

PREVIOUS STORY: April 2, 2018:

The SPCA animal rescue organization in Cincinnati is investigating a suspicious situation involving two dogs found dead at a dump site in Mt. Airy Forest.

Mike Sampson and his wife discovered the animals on Sunday while they were walking along West Fork Road. Their own dogs, Sampson said, suddenly pulled them toward a cliff that overlooks a creek. He and his wife looked over the edge and saw something that disturbed them.

"That's when we saw the dogs, and my wife got pretty upset and started crying," Sampson said. "It's just completely inhumane."

The couple said they spotted two dead dogs. One was on the hillside and the other was in the creek. Near the bodies, they saw a bunch of trash, some blankets, and a half-empty bag of dog food.

A "no dumping" sign is located at the site.

Sampson took photos of the animals that FOX19 NOW blurred because they are graphic. Joseph's Legacy rescuers rushed to the site on Monday once they received word.

"They were thrown away like garbage," said Angel Ruby, the foster coordinator for Joseph's Legacy. "I'll go home and cry my eyes out over this."

Rescuers had hoped to retrieve the dogs and then bury them.

Instead, SPCA reps said they now have the animals at their shelter as part of their investigation. What they have discovered so far is both canines are neutered, and neither dog has been micro-chipped or has an ID. Investigators also said on Monday that they believe the dogs were purposely placed there.

"If somebody is this sick and this mentally unstable to do this to an animal, they'll do it to a child or any person they think they can get by with," Ruby said.

The next step for officials is a necropsy, which is an autopsy for an animal. Officials think that could help them put the first piece of the puzzle together because it should provide a cause of death.

"I really hope they find out who did it, where these dogs came from and who dumped them there, so they can prosecute that person to the fullest," Sampson said.

An animal advocate said she went to the site Monday and looked closely at the dogs and noticed at least one of the animals had visible injuries.

She also said that she found a third dog along the side of the road, not far from where the original two dogs were found. However, at this point in time, it's not clear if that dog has any connection to the other two.

If you have any information or think you may have seen something that could be connected to this case, contact the Cincinnati SPCAThe Northside location number is 513-541-6100. The Sharonville location phone number is 513-489-7387.

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