Mother fighting breast cancer says it's a miracle her children are alive after tree falls on home

CLEVES, OH (FOX19) - A Cleves mother of four fighting breast cancer is now homeless after a tree fell on her trailer during a round of storms that passed through Tuesday.

Though she lost almost everything she says it's a miracle she didn't lose more. When Mary Murphy came to her home on Planetree in Miami View Estates Tuesday night, the fire department already had caution tape up and they refused to let her go inside.

She then went to her mother's house for help.

"She banged and banged real loud and I'm like, 'Oh something really bad is happening,' so I opened the door and she's balling her eyes out," said Georgette Eversole, Murphy's mother.

Once they were able to go inside the trailer the next day they couldn't believe the damage. The roof had caved into the living room where Murphy's children spend most of their time.

"Luckily we were not home because two of my children sleep right here on this couch and had we been here they would have died. By the grace of God he was watching above me," said Murphy.

The family grabbed what they could from the front of the house, which had the least damage.

"I can't go anywhere from here to there. They tried to find my cancer medication and brought it," said Murphy.

She and her kids are now splitting their time between her mom's house and friends as they try to get back on their feet.

It's been a difficult time for Murphy and her family. She's been battling breast cancer since August and now her home is destroyed. However, she was still able to smile when we spoke with her Thursday night.

"Everybody's alive," she said. "This trailer is replaceable. That couch is replaceable but my children are not."

She is not able to move back in the trailer. She doesn't know when she will have a home of her own again. She is working to replace it, and the management of Miami View Estates is helping with her relocation. The family's church has also set up a Go Fund Me page.

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