CVG adds 7 new flights

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - Two airlines at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport are adding new destinations, providing a warm escape from our springtime snow and catapulting airport to the fastest-growing one in the nation, according to CVG officials.

The airport saw a 17 percent growth in passengers last year, according to Mindy Kershner, airport spokeswoman.

"Families that used to drive for vacation can now hop on a flight," she said.

Frontier Airlines has increased its destinations to 20 with nonstop flights to five new locations: San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Antonio, and Raleigh/Durham.

The first flights to San Antonio and Raleigh/Durham begin Monday. Service to San Jose, Austin and Jacksonville embarked Sunday.

"So excited to be here today because we're starting five new markets out of here today," said Michael Pewther, senior director of on-board experience at Frontier.

"They serve destinations out in the west coast now, which we've needed, and southern destinations," CVG spokesperson Mindy Kershner said.

Allegiant Airlines is adding service to Charleston and Sarasota.

"Cincinnati-area travelers love our convenient, affordable service, and we're excited to offer them two more great destinations to enjoy a getaway," said Lukas Johnson, Allegiant senior vice president of commercial.

Airport representatives say they expect CVG's growth to continue with the latest expansion.

As for both frequent flyers and first timers, passengers are hopeful that the new offerings will be helpful.

"All my family is over here, and me and my kids are the only ones in Texas, so with this opening up, it brings me home more," said Jessie Rios.

Gary Roberts said the new offerings will help him stay connected with relatives like his son and their family in Austin.

"This is very exciting," Roberts said. "They moved away. It kind of hurt, so it's great that we can get down there and be able to spend four or five days with them."

Some travelers are already snagging tickets.

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