Spring, sprang, sprung: Raccoon scares officers as it leaps from boat

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Monday marks day 99 in 2018. People in the Greater Cincinnati Area also may feel like Monday marks the ninety-ninth day of Winter even though Spring is upon us.

It appears that it's not just people longing for Springtime weather and activities, but animals as well.

The Goshen Township Police Department got quite the surprise from a critter who was probably just looking to enjoy a relaxing Sunday.

Police were called out to a home where a person needed help removing a raccoon from their boat.

It was the raccoon who got the last laugh. Though he was the unwelcome visitor, the raccoon gave the crowd quite the scare when he leaped from the boat to make his great escape.

Forget Spring, its the raccoon who has sprung.

Goshen police say Rocket the raccoon fled into a wooded area after swiftly exiting the boat.

The department did confirm that they've named the raccoon 'Rocket' after the Marvel character in Guardians of the Galaxy.

No raccoons or people appear to be harmed.

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