Middletown police chief pleads for help solving Teresa Shields' murder

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - When FOX19 NOW spoke to Tina Shields on Tuesday, she'd just read a Facebook post by Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw.

In it, he appealed to the public to help solve the murder of 26-year-old Teresa Shields.

"We don't believe for a minute that the bullets were meant for her. We know what's up with that. But that is the thing about violence, most of the time the innocent ones are the ones who suffer," it reads, in part.

The full post can be read at the bottom of this article.

Tina Shields couldn't agree more with Chief Muterspaw.

"Its heartbreak every time I read anything about it because it just brings it into reality for me. I know it is reality but seeing it in writing just breaks my heart still," she said.

Muterspaw went on to say he just couldn't imagine, as a parent, knowing there are people out there who know more but won't come forward.

"It is heartless and it is senseless," he said. "What kind of person knows a young girl was murdered in cold blood but won't help her get justice?"

Tina Shields said there are people that know exactly what happened.

"That's the most frustrating part because I know a lot of people knew Teresa and she was a good person and would help anybody. The fact that they wouldn't help her is wrong. And I don't understand how they could do that. Knowing her and knowing what a good person she was," she said.

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