Local animal shelter bank information hacked, account drained

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The Ohio Pet Sanctuary is struggling to keep the lights on after money in its bank account was stolen.

The sanctuary is home to dozens of animals housing cats, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

"To have someone take something that you've worked so hard on and just wipe everything clean, that's devastating," said the owner of Pet Sanctuary, Madison Schleibaum.

What makes the situation worse is utilities for the facility were due Thursday. Schleibaum says $1,000 was stolen. If that doesn't sound like a lot of money to you, it's everything to her and her critters.

"We literally go bill to bill. We do not pocket any money off of this. We're lucky if we come out $30 a month ahead," said Schleibaum who opened the facility in 2016.

She says the sanctuary's email account was hacked giving whoever is behind this access to the company debit card.

"They then used the debit card to charge to Walmart.com and basically drained everything," she said.

She also says the bank is working to replace the money, but that could take a week and even longer to find the person responsible for this.

"A lot of times it is money out of our own pockets that keeps the doors open, the lights on so if that's what it comes down to, that's what we'll do," said Schleibaum.

As of Thursday night around $500 was donated to the sanctuary. The Boone and Dearborn County Animal Shelters also donated food. To donate money and see the sanctuary's wish list, click here.

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