Middletown street treated like dumping ground, TVs among items scattered

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Residents of one Middletown neighborhood woke up to find their street had been turned into a dumping ground Friday.

"I heard just this loud rev of an engine and crashing and like you hear glass shattering," one resident said.

At least six television sets and other miscellaneous garbage had been dumped along the roadway. Neighbors say they saw a red truck or SUV leaving the neighborhood after being started by the sound of crashing televisions.

"I observed a loud noise, I looked at my camera … I could see the back of a red car or a red truck," Betty Hensley said. "This is the first time it's happened on this street and I hope it's the last."

Hensley has lived along this stretch of road for the last 28 years and says it's the first time she's seen anything like this. Neighbors nearby say they've seen other instances of dumping along this road, with the items left behind ranging from tires to refrigerators.

The larger problem with the televisions being dumped is the dangerous mess they left behind.

"A lot of kids play on this road and I know my kids definitely play on this road and that's some thick glass coming from the TVs," one resident told FOX19 NOW.

Anyone with information on the red vehicle dumping trash in Middletown should contact Middletown police.

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