Funeral held for Kyle Plush, Council calls special meeting over his 'tragic death'

Kyle Plush's casket is wheeled into St. Rose Church in the East End for his funeral Monday. (FOX19 NOW/Robert Guaderrama)
Kyle Plush's casket is wheeled into St. Rose Church in the East End for his funeral Monday. (FOX19 NOW/Robert Guaderrama)

EAST END (FOX19) - The funeral service was held Monday for 16-year-old Kyle Plush, who died last week after becoming pinned in his family's mini-van while it was parked at his school.

Cincinnati City Council's Law & Public Safety Committee announced a special meeting Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. to discuss his "tragic death."

"Anyone who ever encountered Kyle knows he lit up a room with his larger than life, funny, smart and positive personality with inclusion of all. His friends know him as a leader with incredible potential that kept them laughing with his wit and innovative mind. He is unforgettable and we, as a family, will make sure he is never forgotten," his family said in a statement last week.

Kyle died Tuesday due to "asphyxiation due to chest compression" after becoming pinned by a folding seat in a 2004 Honda Odyssey minivan, authorities have said. At the time, he was trying to grab his tennis equipment from the back of the vehicle.

Kyle's former teachers from spoke highly of the young man gone too soon outside of St. Rose Church. They recalled the moments they spent with him.

"There's been a lot of remarks of how bright Kyle is… Kyle is super smart. We played trivia games and stuff like that with trivia cards after swim team and after swim practice and knew almost everything," Tom Grant said.

There's still a lot of controversy surrounding his death. Lots of questions that many people want answers to, including his parents.

At least three investigations are underway to try to determine what went wrong, and why two Cincinnati police officers and a Hamilton County deputy sheriff who responded to Kyle's first 911 call did not find him and why a Cincinnati dispatcher did not relay information from Kyle's second 911 call, which had details about the make of the vehicle he was in and his location.

The dispatcher who took Kyle's second 911 call said she could not hear Kyle, a police report shows. The dispatching system may have malfunctioned just before the teen called 911, according to the leader of the union that represents Cincinnati police.

His mother called 911 about five hours later when her son did not return home, and then his father found him dead inside the van in the school's parking lot.

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