Council, other Cincinnati leaders to take 'exhaustive tour' of 911 center

Council, other Cincinnati leaders to take 'exhaustive tour' of 911 center

LOWER PRICE HILL (FOX19) - Council members and other Cincinnati leaders are expected to go on what is being described as an "exhaustive tour" of the city's 911 center Monday.

The tour will begin at 2 p.m.

The city's 911 center has been troubled for years and is now under fire in light of Kyle Plush's death on April 10.

City officials announced a joint meeting between budget and finance and law and public safety scheduled for Tuesday.

That meeting will cover taking action on the ECC system and will take place at City Hall.

The Cincinnati City Council's Law & Public Safety and Budget & Finance Committees have scheduled a JOINT MEETING for Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 3:45 p.m., to discuss and take action on items related to the Administration's recommendations on the ECC system, at Cincinnati City Hall, Council Chambers, Room 300, 801 Plum Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. The agenda will be published prior to the meeting.

The 16-year-old Seven Hills student died after becoming trapped in a van in one of the school's parking lots despite calling 911 twice pleading for help.

The dispatcher who took the second call has told her supervisors she didn't hear it.

Three investigations are underway into what went wrong: from Cincinnati police, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office.

On Friday, Cincinnati police released cruiser camera footage that showed the two officers who responded to Plush's first 911 call didn't get out of their patrol car to look for him or the van he said he was in when they went to the school and drove around.

Cincinnati's city manger ultimately lost his job over issues with the 911 center.

Councilman Greg Landsman said last week he felt Harry Black was not focused enough on addressing problems the facility after Plush's death. Instead, according to Landsman and other city leaders, Black was distracted by an intense feud with Mayor John Cranley, who had asked Black to resign last month.

Black quit Saturday morning, just before the start of a special council meeting to fire him.

The acting city manager, Patrick Duhaney, took a cursory tour of the 911 center a half hour after he was sworn in Saturday afternoon. He was joined by Cranley, Vice Mayor Chris Smitherman and other city and police leaders.

Afterward, Duhaney pledged to have a plan to fix the 911 center to Council's Law & Public Safety Committee by the end of the month.

"I'm eager to start working with the mayor to get the city through this time," Duhaney announced Saturday.

"The next steps are the Repair Action Plan that we're going to present to Law and Public Safety April 30th and work out the action plan with Vice Mayor Smitherman…from there put it into action and implement it and fix the situation that is going on in the 911 Center."

Initially, Monday's tour was not open to the media under orders of the former city manager. We asked Smitherman Saturday to reconsider and on Monday he said media could attend but are not to ask the 911 center staff questions or ask questions about the Plush case.

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