White nationalist drops lawsuit against University of Cincinnati

CINCINNATI (FOX19 NOW/AP) - - A lawsuit over white nationalist Richard Spencer's effort to speak at the University of Cincinnati has been dropped.

A federal court filing Wednesday showed both Spencer's campus tour organizer and UC have agreed to drop the case. No other details were available immediately.

A trial had been scheduled for next year in U.S. district court.

"As you may recall, no one at UC invited Spencer to come to our campus. His supporters had approached us as a public university to provide a date for him to speak," UC President Neville Pinto wrote in a statement Wednesday. In line with our commitment to free speech, we proposed a date during our Spring Break – a date that we felt would maximize the safety of our community."

Pinto stressed that there are currently no plans for Spencer to speak at UC.

The school last October agreed to let Spencer speak, and his tour organizers had set a date in March. But they then sued in January over UC's security fee demand of nearly $11,000 that Spencer's attorney at the time called discriminatory and unconstitutional. The school later said that amount was a "mere fraction" of its expected costs.

Spencer calls his views "alt-right." He advocates a white "ethno-state" and espouses anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant beliefs.

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