Sharonville police warn stores about counterfeit money

SHARONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Several businesses in Sharonville are being warned to keep a close eye on cash transactions. Over the past few weeks, several counterfeit bills have been showing up in stores.

Police have collected several fake bills from five separate incidents across the city.

"If you take a marker this would actually test fine. These bills look like they've been bleached out. What they do is they bleach say a $5 or $10 dollar bill then reprint or buy a copier to make it look like a $50 or a $100 dollar bill," Sgt. Derek Broenner said.

Police said the thieves use the fake bills to buy a soda or something inexpensive to get the maximum amount of money back.

Police said two arrests have been made so far.

Jessica Haag, 22, was arrested for using fake $100 dollar bills in the Lava Smoke Shop, Kroger and the Blue Goose Cafe. 52-year-old Terrance Bryant was also arrested for passing the fake money.

Police said they don't appear to be the ring leaders of the operation.

Bronener said when in doubt about accepting a large bill, hold it up to the light to check the hologram.

"If it doesn't really seem right don't accept the bill," he said.

Police said people who were arrested are being charged with theft and criminal tools, but said if they do track down the person who is printing the money - that person will face more serious charges.

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