Video appears to show man striking dog, community reacts

READING, OH (FOX19) - Editor's note: The video accompanying this story contains images some viewers may find disturbing.

A video making the rounds on social media is making some upset over the handling of a dog.

Members of the Reading community are concerned about the animal's well-being after a video recently surfaced showing what appears to be a man hitting his dog in the face.

Surveillance video from a neighboring home caught eight seconds of footage of what appears to be a man carrying a dog and striking it in the face next door. The dog can be heard whimpering as the man brings it to the backyard.

FOX19 NOW is not identifying the man because he has not been charged.

Mark Smith and Stephanie Bruner say their two dogs are like family, and when their surveillance video captured what was going on next door, it made them angry.

"Dogs will love you unconditionally, and this dog will love that guy unconditionally even after he gets beat," Smith said. "I think that's what just makes me mad is just the fact that he has nowhere else to go."

The couple uploaded the clip to Facebook, and community members sounded off.

A man at the home where the alleged incident was recorded did not want to comment on camera but said the neighbors are being nosy, and the dog wasn't hurt.

However, Bruner says she wants the dog to be placed elsewhere.

"We would like for the dog to be removed from the home and be placed in a home where he can be loved," Bruner said.

Police say the case has been turned over to the SPCA, and as far as they know, no charges have been filled.

SPCA has yet to respond to a request for comment.

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