Resident: Drugged drivers keep crashing in front of NKY home

A northern Kentucky resident says three drug-related crashes have ended in front of her house. (FOX19 NOW)
A northern Kentucky resident says three drug-related crashes have ended in front of her house. (FOX19 NOW)

FORT THOMAS, KY (FOX19) - On Friday, around 7:30 p.m., Lindsey Hartness let her dog out into the yard. Moments after walking back inside, she says she heard a loud boom.

Right where she was standing just 10 minutes prior, a driver suspected of overdosing on heroin had crashed into her minivan parked in the driveway.

The vehicle finally came to a rest in her neighbor's yard on the 100 block of South Grand Avenue in Fort Thomas.

First responders treated the driver with Narcan, a medicine that reverses the side effects of an opiate overdose. Fort Thomas police were already following the driver, preparing to stop him before the crash happened.

The minivan is considered a total loss.

Hartness is a mother of two who says it's not the first time a vehicle in her driveway has been totaled this way.

"It's happened twice before. The first time was a hit-and-run, the second time was a driver who was on prescription drugs and alcohol," she said.

South Grand Avenue is a windy road and the speed limit is marked at 35 mph. Hartness says in February the Kentucky Department of Transportation posted two yellow signs with arrows signaling the curve in the road and says obviously that hasn't helped.

"I have two little girls. I never let them play in the front yard. If they want to play outside, they go in the backyard," said Hartness.

Next door to Hartness lives Karen Hanson who was on the couch when she heard the crash, looked out the window and saw a car by her front door.

"I was sitting right by the front window on the couch," said Hanson.

The suspect did not have insurance, which means both families will have to deal with repairs with their own insurance companies and/or out of pocket.

Hartness wants to see guard rails go up or something to stop drivers from missing the curb and crashing into her driveway. FOX19 reached out to the Kentucky Department of Transportation and was told we would get a response by the end of this week.

Two years ago a driver died on the same road after striking a utility pole and then a tree just four houses down.

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