Man suing CPD officers now accused of threatening city official's children

Paula Boggs Muething (City of Cincinnati website)
Paula Boggs Muething (City of Cincinnati website)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A self-proclaimed motivational speaker currently suing four Cincinnati police officers who say he attacked a woman is facing new accusations.

Keenan West is the speaker in question. He calls himself an "anti-bullying activist" and a "youth motivational speaker." He has been known to give talks at local schools and is now accused of making threats against children.

West was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage this past year. Four Cincinnati Police officers reported that West choked, grabbed and forced his girlfriend to the ground in March 2017.
However, West claims that never happened.

In a federal lawsuit he filed in March, West argues the officers knew the "real" story, which was that he and his girlfriend got into a fight, and he went to his car to leave but realized he was too drunk to drive. West then says he tried to go back into her house, but couldn't, so he ended up breaking a window pane to get inside.

He maintains he never attacked his girlfriend.

The lawsuit states police made false allegations -- knowing that they were false -- which in turn damaged West's reputation and career.
Paula Boggs Muething, Cincinnati's City Solicitor, is defending the four officers named in West's lawsuit. A new affidavit filed Wednesday states Boggs Muething was sent a screenshot by an acquaintance that allegedly shows part of a conversation between the acquaintance and West.
West, Boggs Muething reports in the document, seemed to be trying to get information about her, and ultimately threatened her family, saying: "If she's not fair with my case, her kids will die."

According to our media partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer, at a federal hearing Wednesday, West invoked his fifth amendment right and didn't testify about the issue, though his attorney said in court that West is not a danger or a threat. The judge, per our media partners, said in court: "Threatening the lives of the city solicitor's children is beyond comprehension to me ... the court takes this with a huge amount of gravity."

FOX19 NOW reached out to West and his attorney. His attorney said that they are going to refrain from commenting on the allegations at this time.

FOX19 NOW also reached out to Boggs Muething and a city spokesperson, but have not been able to make contact with them.

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