Complaints from parents encourage changes to dangerous bus stop

COLERAIN, OH (FOX19) - Leaders in Colerain Township are responding to complaints from parents in Colerain expressing concerns about a dangerous school bus stop.

A new construction project in Colerain had parents concerned about their children's safety.

Buses were being restricted from the neighborhood forcing school kids to walk what parents are calling a dangerous path.

The construction project currently extends from Jackies Drive through Lyness Drive right off of Galbraith Road.

It has created a problem for bus drivers with there being only one way in and one way out of the neighborhood.

Residents in the neighborhood said the roads are in bad shape and need repair.

Northwest Local Schools had previously decided that beginning on Thursday school buses would no longer come into the subdivision to pick up children, but decided to resume the bus stops after hearing about unsafe conditions from parents.

"There's really no reason why the buses can't come back here. There's a big U-turn right there," said Sharon Sligar a concerned resident.

Parents were upset because their children had to board the bus on Galbraith, which they said is a dangerous, busy street. Their children can now resume catching the bus just a few feet from their home.

The pathway students had to take to get to the Galbraith bus stop also had parents concerned.

They said the pathway is notorious for illegal activity and didn't want their children exposed to it.

"It's not safe for the kids. We've been trying to get that walkway closed," said Jenny Robinette, who is also concerned about the new route.

"There's needles in there. People are having sex in there. It all during school. School buses come and go. Those kids don't care. They're still down there doing their drugs and stuff," said Sligar.

Diana Spratt led the effort to get the school to provide a safer option.

"This is not an acceptable route for picking up and d ropping off the kids," said Spratt.

Spratt said she understands that the roads need to be fixed but says the construction crews need to make more room for the buses or scale back the project until school closes for summer break in the next few weeks.

"The road really needs it but at what expense. I don't want to lose my child because I want a new street."

The spokesperson for Northwest Local Schools, Dustin Gehring, said they will be resuming Jackies Drive bus stops.

"In cooperation with the township, we have been able to create a safe driveable loop through the neighborhood for bus stops. We thank everyone for their patience," said Gehring in a statement Friday.

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