VIDEO: Man attacked by dog in his own yard

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A local man had a rough Friday after he was attacked by what he describes as a 200 lb. Rottweiler outside his home.

William Kohler was walking to his home along the 1000 block of State Avenue when he saw a man and a dog on his property. He said he asked the man would he be OK walking by the dog. He said the owner told him he would be OK.

As he continued to walk, the dog ran over, jumping on him and biting him several times, causing deep bite marks on his arm. Kohler said he got 15 different rabies and tetanus shots while at the hospital.

He wants the owner to come forward and he wants the dog put down.

"If this was a child he would probably be dead or in the hospital for sure," Kohler said.

The incident was recorded on his surveillance cameras and it captures two different views of the attack. At one point, the owner of the dog gets it under control and then it gets off its leash and goes after Kohler's friend. The video shows him racing to his pick-up truck and jumping in the cab.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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