Middletown porch theft caught on camera

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown residents who live on Harrison Road say multiple items have been stolen from their own front yards.

One woman says her lawn furniture was stolen, another says a piece of her fence was taken, and a third caught a man stealing a lawnmower on camera.

"We came home and noticed it was gone and decided to look at the cameras," said Tabitha Kogler, who moved to Middletown a year ago.

Koger runs a business out of her home, T&R Resale, selling used items online. She says the lawnmower was worth around $400. Before coming back for the lawnmower, the thief picked up some drill cases, noticed that they were empty and left.

"I guess he heard a noise and left and then came back around 3:25 in the morning," said Kogler.

However, what the thief did not know is that the lawnmower has a hole in the gas tank.

"My husband was going to get to it and fix it and then we would either resell it or use it for our landscaping company, but we didn't even get the chance," said Kogler.

Kogler believes she knows who stole the lawnmower and filed a police report. She hopes investigators will catch him soon.

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