Serial panty thief strikes Clermont County apartment complex, women say

UNION TOWNSHIP, CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Three women who live in the same Clermont County apartment complex want answers after dozens of their panties were stolen from the laundry room.

The women live at Beechwood Villa Apartments, 4700 Beechwood Avenue, and all say a panty thief lives in the same complex.

"Every time I would go down, I was getting lower and lower on underwear," said Jackie Allen, who has lived at the building for eight years.

Another resident, Tamara Rawlins, says she's lost count of how many pairs of underwear have gone missing.

"There's a problem, there's a problem here," said Rawlins, who moved into the complex a year ago.

Rawlins says she has caught the panty thief in the act.

"I saw him," she said. "I saw him sniffing my panties and my panties have been missing."

Both women say the man is in a wheelchair and always claims he's looking for change -- but never does any laundry and stashes the panties in his pants. Both women say they know who the panty thief is, and he lives in the same building.

"He violates us. He's taking even little girls' (underwear)," said Rawlins, with tears in her eyes.

Allen says the suspect has lived in the apartment complex for 20 years and they aren't the only victims.

"Probably about three different women so far have already moved out so we couldn't get them together to even do this," she said.

Rawlins says her granddaughter visits her frequently and she wants management to put an end to this.

"He just sits there and stares at us, he doesn't say a word," said Rawlins.

Beechwood Villa Apartments is section 8 housing. Rawlins filled out complaint forms to management and housing urban development, but Rawlins says no one is helping.

The property manager declined to comment.

"They're not protecting us, they're not respecting us -- that's how I feel, I'm not being respected," said Allen.

Rawlins and Allen say there are no security cameras in the laundry room, but they want the panty prowler kicked out.

"We need to take this seriously as women," said Rawlins.

Both women say they reached out to Union Township Police and an officer told them to deal with it through the state or Housing and Urban Development (HUD). FOX19 called Union Township Police and found no report was filed regarding the issue.

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