Man accused of tying up girlfriend arrested after pointing gun at self at work

MT. ORAB, OH (FOX19) - A man accused of tying up his girlfriend in Clinton County and stealing her gun was eventually taken into custody across county lines this week.

Jennifer Mitchell was tied up in her Blanchester home. But her boyfriend, Shawn Reynolds, was arrested in Mount Orab after police say he took that gun into his place of work.

"I'm a little shaken up, a little disappointed," she said. "I'm glad that he didn't hurt me. I think that I will get through this OK and hopefully he does, too."

Mitchell said Reynolds bought her flowers Wednesday morning and everything was normal before a switch flipped.

"Shawn I've known for a few months now. He's been a very kind, very sweet person, very thoughtful. Up until today I never dreamed that anything like this would happen," she said.

According to a release from police, Reynolds appears to have taken the stolen gun to work at Milacron in Mount Orab. Officers went to confront Reynolds at work and say the 43-year-old initially ran but stopped and pulled out the gun, placing it to his chin and pulling the trigger -- but the gun did not fire and he was Tased by officers and taken into custody.

"I just hope that he gets the help that he needs," Mitchell said. "I think that he's struggling with some depression and some problems in his life."

The Blanchester resident allegedly told police he planned to confront his boss later in his shift about what police described as his "perceived mistreatment."

Reynolds is now in Clinton County Jail and is facing an aggravated robbery charge.

Blanchester police made it clear that Reynolds never pointed the gun at any officers or co-workers that were in the area.

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