Northside pedestrian safety study underway

NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) - A year and a half after a Northside restaurant owner was struck and killed by a car the City of Cincinnati said it will test a new project to try and make things safer.

After Tickle Pickle restaurant owner Sarah Cole was killed, the city has made some changes along this stretch of Hamilton Avenue through the heart of Northside, but neighbors said the safety work must continue.

New improvements since Cole's death include the placement of crosswalk yield placards directly on the street and a pedestrian activated crosswalk light that was installed just two weeks ago.

The neighborhood council said they would also like to do away with the open lanes during rush hour on both sides of the street..

A city transportation and engineering crew was out in the neighborhood Friday counting cars and pulling up the traffic hoses that stretch out across the pavement. Every time a car rolls over the hose the data is sent to a box.

"You can program it a certain way depending on how the traffic is flowing and it knows how fast everybody's going, how may cars are passing, things like that," Chris Bareswilt said.

Tickle Pickle employee Abby Purvis said she'll never forget that dreadful day in September 2016 when Cole was killed.

"I still think about her every single day no matter what," she said. "I just think that anybody that goes over 25 miles per hour down Hamilton Avenue is a jerk."

Cole was bringing coffee back for her crew when she was hit by a car.

"As we said a year and a half ago, she died doing an act of kindness," Purvis said.

Once all this data is gathered an analyzed the Northside Community Council will meet with the city's Department of Transportation and Engineering in August to discuss the results and give those who live in this neighborhood to share their thoughts.

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