Residents hear more loud booms in Anderson Township

Residents hear more loud booms in Anderson Township

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Residents have reported hearing loud booms across the area over the past several months.

Now, some residents have reported hearing those booms again on Saturday around 9:15 p.m.

Some residents hear them and others don't. Many are coming up with their own theories across social media. Some believe its aliens and others say it's fireworks.

"I thought a bomb went off," said Steve Hart, who caught a flash of light on his camera outside his house Saturday.

Hart was in his garage with his sons with he said the flash happened which was followed by a loud boom.

FOX19 NOW's Maytal Levi made some calls and found out the booms are not weather related and they didn't come from nearby Lunken Airport.

Levi also called the fire department and Duke Energy, spokespeople for both said they're unaware of anything in the area that would cause that type of reaction.

One resident who asked to remain anonymous said it's high school students setting off something described at "a potato cannon on steroids". That same person also said the device can move and is part of a game between kids in the area.

The booms have all happened on weekends, which is why this idea makes the most sense.

Levi called the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office to see if there's an ongoing investigation since the last time the booms were reported in April. She's waiting to hear back.

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